Elasostal PU 500

Two component contact adhesive, black, white or transparent

  • Base: polychloroprene
  • Solvent: free of chlorinated hydrocarbon and aromates
  • Yield: approx. 150 g/m²  per coat
  • Ventilation time: 5 – 15 min


Cold bonding of rubber conveyor belts, linings of receptacles, drums and cylinders as well as for the permanent elastic and high-strength bonding of rubber, metal, fabrics, neoprene, leather and coated PU material and other materials, Härter RE or RFE is necessary

Date tehnice ELASTOSAL
PU 500
Baza polyurethane
Culoare transparent
Densitate [g/cm3] ≈ 0,85
Vascozitate [mPas] ≈ 2500
Intaritor ELASTOSAL Harter RFE
Degresant ELASTOSAL Losit MEK
Aplicare Brush, spatula
Consumption [g/m2] ≈ 200 – 300
Setting time [min la 21°C] ≈ 1 – 3
Final hardening after [h] about 48 hours
Ambalare tin of 300g; tin of 650g; can of 4 kg; can of 24 kg and drum of 170 kg