Hydraulic Vulcanizing Press

Automatic Hydraulic Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Conveyor Belts – IVB-IP-F

Vulcanizing press IVB-IP-F is required for conveyor belt maintenance work designed by combining hot vulcanization of rubber conveyor belts and steel cord ply, width up to 3000 mm.

The high-pressure vulcanizing presses may be used in local repair „hot cladding” of rubber belts.

The upper beams, lower beams and heating plates are made of special high quality aluminium with high resistance to bending and traction to offer customers a longer lifespan. The heating plates of the vulcanizing presses are available in rectangular of diamond shape (angles : 16 °, 22 °, 30 ° or on demand)

1. Compressed air cooling system includes a compressor with high flow and low weight. Duration of the forced cooling air is approx. 2 hours and it may vary depending on the type of the compressor and the outdoor temperature.

2. Water cooling system. In this case the heating plates are provided with coil type cooling pipes that will connect to a local cold water network. In the event that the area doesn’t have a water cooled network accessible, the system is equipped with a pump and recirculating tank.

Duration of the forced cooling using water is approx. 30 minutes, and it differs depending on the outside temperature. Cooling systems have the advantage that they significantly reduce vulcanization, resulting in increased availability of the conveyor belt. Cooling of the natural environment can be up to 10 hours in summertime.

Automatic pressure control option is available only with high-pressure hydraulic pump. This option reduces the time needed for the pressure to rise and automatically maintains a constant pressure in the curing process.

The monitoring system is used to record and monitor the curing parameters, namely the temperature of the heating plates and pressure. The system allows maintenance engineers for checking the following: compliance with process parameters, the actual start and completion of vulcanization, the duration and condition of the installation.

Downloading process parameters is done via the USB interface mounted on the front of the switchboard. Download frequency data varies between a few weeks to several months depending on the storage period set. The measured values are displayed in the program installed on your PC in graphical or tabular form.

no.  Main Technical Characteristics for Hydraulic Vulcanizing Press
1 Press type IVB-IP-F
2 Belt width up to 3000 mm
3 Binding length 500 – 3000 mm or on demand
4 Heating system electric
5 Working temperature 145oC-165oC
6 Max. heat-up time @ 145°C 30 minutes
7 Temperature range 0 – 200°C
8 Pressure system Hydraulic – high pressure hydraulic cylinders
9 Pressure fluid Hydraulic oil
10 Belt pressure 15 daN/cm2
11 Vulcanization pressure 400 bar
12 Pressure measuring Centralized at the pump output (pressure gauge / pressure sensor)
13 Pressure adjusting Manual or automated with electrical pump
14 Temperature measuring Automated – simultaneously for all platesAutomated – individually for each plate Manual – individually for each plate
15 Ambient environment – belt Temperature and humdity of the environment and the conveyor belt
16 Press angle 16, 22, 30 degrees or on demand
17 Curing time 0…99 minutes, adjustable or optional other ranges
18 Powering (V) 380 V, 50 Hz
19 Installed power, maximum load and mass Depending on the press type

The powering, control and measuring installation

The powering, control and measuring installation includes ” the powering, control and measure panel – PCMP”  equipped with the necessary equipment for powering, thermostatic curing process and for supervision.

PCMP panel includes the following components:

Main switch
Electronic thermoregulator that sets and measures the temperature of the upper and lower plates
Mode switch (manual or automatic) – which provides plate power combination selection (separate upper plate, separate bottom plate, top plate + bottom plate simultaneously). These have the role of switching on or off the electricity in manual mode.
Controller for temperature and humidity for environment and belt – optional
Connector for temperature and humidity sensor input – optional
Switch for activating the controller during vulcanization
Controller for the curing time
Voltmeter to measure the voltage of the plates
Controller with digital display for pressure measurement
Pressure sensor input connector
Ammeter for measuring the plate amperage
Recorder for monitoring of the curing parameters – optional
Connector for setting and downloading of process parameters (temperature and pressure plates)
Warning lights: Voltage, Vulcanization End, Power Plates
Selector mode (manual or automatic) pressure – the electric pump which works in automatic mode in position 1, position 2 in manual and pump stop in position 0.
Outlet for the power supply of the panel and curing plates. They are located on the sides of the panel
Electric pump hydraulic power socket
Connector for power cables of the vulcanizing plates